Skip Records is an independent record label, producing and selling CD's or vinyl, either recorded or remastered at Skip Studio in County Durham. Music available is based on roots mainly Rockabilly and Hillbilly Country music. Skip Records also can offer recording facilities either for producing demos or fully packaged CD's or vinyl as those available here. 
The artists below are recorded and released on the Skip Records label.

The Mee Kats

The Mee Kats are a 3 piece 1950's style rockabilly and rock n roll band. To date they have 1 release on the Skip Records label which is available on 7" 45rpm single, the tracks are
"Rag Top Bay" and "Call My Name"

Root'n Toot'n

Root'n Toot'n are a lively trio playing a blend of hillbilly and early country music. So far, they have released 4 CD's on Skip Records.

Colin Mee

Colin Mee is lead vocalist for both the Mee Kats and Root'n Toot'n and is available as a solo performer to backing tracks. Colin performs a variety of early country and rock n roll and has 3 CD's available on Skip Records.